Located in the heart of Downtown Las Vegas, Zydeco Po-Boys brings you a unique  taste of Southwest Louisiana.


Zydeco Po-Boys focuses on fast, casual, and affordable southwest Louisiana gumbo, po-boy sandwiches on authentic Leidenheimer’s bread, and specialties like red beans and rice.  As Chef Brandon Trahan points out, “Cajun cuisine is highly regional, with different spices and personal twists featured in each locale.  The gumbo at Zydeco is a little lighter, the house-made sausage is leaner, and the dressings on the po-boys are slightly different than you might find at a Cajun restaurant with a different regional style.”  Zydeco Po-Boys also offers a vegan gumbo, traditional sides like Cajun fries and Louisiana Zapps chips, and beer and frozen daiquiris in addition to non-alcoholic beverages.   

When you step inside, Zydeco Po-Boys has the feel of an authentic Louisiana joint.  “Where I come from, people lived off the land, and everything was re-used and not thrown away,” Chef Trahan explains.  You’ll see this principle on display in the walls of repurposed wood and in the unique tables he crafted himself from re-used doors.  Located in a historic, mid-century building, Zydeco will be a great place to catch an LSU or Saints game while enjoying a delicious, down-home meal and beverage.




(702) 982-1889


616 E Carson Ave, Suite 140, Las Vegas, Nevada 89101



 11 am to 7 pm


11 am to 4 pm