Top Sushi Restaurants in Downtown Las Vegas

Fremont Street is home to a couple of sushi restaurants in downtown Las Vegas. Two of the top ones are Sushi Ichaniban, and Red Asian Cuisine. There are many places to get sushi in Las Vegas, but downtown Las Vegas offers a wider selection. While I tried out many restaurants offering sushi in Las Vegas, I discovered some hidden gems along Fremont Street.

There are however a few scattered throughout downtown Las Vegas’ Arts District. These are all the best sushi restaurants in downtown Las Vegas. The sushi restaurants can be found in casinos on Fremont Street.

Best Sushi in Las Vegas at Fremont Street

Sushi Ichiban can be found inside El Cortez Casino. This sushi restaurant is one of the few that offers all-you-can-eat options in Downtown Las Vegas. The AYCE menu includes a variety of sushi rolls and nigiri.

Sushi Ichiban has many tasty appetizers, including edamame, pork belly, and oysters calamari tempura. Although you can order takeout, it is not possible to order all the food that you want.

Best Sushi in Downtown Vegas

If you’re willing to venture off Fremont Street, there are many other restaurants that serve sushi in Downtown Las Vegas. Most well-known are the Pepper Club and YU-OR-MI Sushi Bar. Sushiro is another popular option.

A little north of Fremont Street is Sushiro. This sushi restaurant is a lesser-known one. This sushi restaurant serves great all-you-can-eat food. Sushiro has more choices than any other AYCE restaurant in Las Vegas’ Chinatown District.

There are many choices for salads, soups, and appetizers. There are many options for sushi rolls: classic, specialty, crispy, baked, burrito or cuban. Every day, a cheap lunch deal is available.

Las Vegas Sushi Buffet

YU OR MI Sushi Bar is found in downtown Las Vegas, between Fremont Street Experience & Strat. You can choose from traditional or special sushi as well as sashimi and sushi.

There are many options for sushi ingredients, including King crab, Albacore and Lobster. There are also some main choices, like lamb chops and chicken teriyaki. You can order delivery or takeout at YU OR MI Sushi Bar.

It is hard to choose between them. Sushi Ichiban is more convenient because it is right on Fremont Street. Sushi Ichiban received slightly better reviews online.

Revolving Sushi in Vegas

There are four locations of Sapporo Revolving Sushi in Las Vegas, but the one on Spring Mountain is the most popular. You can order sushi from the menu and have it delivered on a conveyor belt.

Each plate you take from the conveyor belt will cost you about $3. You can take as many plates as you like. After you finish eating, a server will bring everything over to you and add it all up. A full meal typically costs between $20 and $40.